So much has, been written and told about the Custer military disaster on the Little Big Horn in Montana that any new revelation challenges belief. Custer, Cases & Cartildges by Don Weibert, based on caxeful research and exploration of the battle sites, presents a whole new picture of what took place that tragic June 25, 1876. Weibert draws heavily upon the painstaking excavation of artifacts, even the tiniest, relating to progress of the Custer Battle. The findings and conclusions, presented here in both text and detailed photographs, meld this vital information with that recorded by other researchers into a compelling story of the Custer Battles.

The Weibert collection of artifacts from the battlefields is the largest private collection in the world, the majority coming from the Indian postions at both the Custer and Reno-Benteen battles. The book thus becomes the first complete analysis of both sides of the battles. Never before studied in depth is the detailed account of what took place at the Blummer Ridge Battle. This battle heavily involved George Armstrong Custer and his troops, only minutes before their famous "Last Stand." Notable is recorded the first use of Custer's personal ammiinition better known as '"rhe Custer Brass." From this Custer's personal movements during part of the battles is first known.

A wealth of evidence supports the conclusions including 1, 118 cases and cartridges, plus 250 related artifacts from 21 Indian and 13 troop positions. Custer, Cases & Cartridges, brings into full focus the event which took place on that bloody Sunday.

Without the dedicated research, translated into a readily understandable text and photograph presentation, much of what occurred on the Little Big Horn is puzzling and frustrating. Custer, Cases & Cartridges for the first time brings it into clear focus, instructive, yet easy to read and understand.

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